IYTTC Curriculum
The IYTTC curriculum for the 21 days of immersive experience

Every morning, from 6-8 AM will be the core training sessions that comprise energizations, asana, pranayama, kriya and mantra. This will be followed by attending the day-specific plenary sessions and workshops that are mandatory for the participants; and, also the rich, curated cultural programs after dinner. Students will have one session free every day for rest and reflection; and, one session on most days to be with the core teachers for practice, Q&A and to develop the kula / family for support’.

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12 Feb 2023 – 15 Feb 2023
Sri Vidya Foundation course

The Divine Mother is the origin and source, Adya Shakti who embodies the essence of woman. Individuals awaken to their true potential, thus paving the way for a revitalised, collective renaissance of the Supreme Mother.

13 Feb 2023
Rasa-amrita – Navrasa

Conceived by Sri Shankaracharya in the Soundarya Lahari describing Mother Goddess’s emotions in seeing Shiva, as well as in Bhakti tradition, in Sakhibhava.  Exploring the Navarasa gives us a tool to understand and manage our emotions.

13 Feb 2023 – 20 Feb 2023
Satsang & Meditation

Swami Brahmdev is the founder of Aurovalley Ashram at the foot of the Himalayan mountains. He has dedicated his life to live and share the legacy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

15 Feb 2023 – 20 Feb 2023
Garbha R’tu Sanchalan

This five-day Womb Rhythm Navigation workshop will support you in exploring the four distinct phases and the eight metamorphic reststops of a Woman’s Biological Womb Navigation Compass, locate its alignment with the Cosmic Dark-Light Shiva-Shakti Rhythm, and learn its navigation through the daily 24-hour Circadian Sleep (Rest)-Awake (Activity) rhythm, the annual 365-day Seasonal rhythm, and the 30-day lunar waxing-waning rhythm. You will learn to build self-care practices to rebirth your whole self with every ovulation-bleeding cycle in alignment with Nature so you may Stand Tall in the continuum of Being a Shakti Wom(b)an in Body, Sexuality, and Spirituality on your own terms.

16 Feb 2023 – 28 Feb 2023
A Thousand Suns Academy Energizations

Curated and Integrated by Shakti, Tantra Kriya Yoga, and QiGong Adept Rajada (Raja Choudhury) who teaches on The Shift Network and his own mystery school, A Thousand Suns Academy, this Kriya Practice activates your inner Shakti Devis through Prana, Breath Control, Mudras, Bandhs, and Movements to rewire your brain and prepare you for the awakening of Ma Kundalini and access to the highest Turiya states

16 Feb 2023 – 28 Feb 2023
Awakening and Nurturing Shakthi through Chandra Namaskara

Chandra or Moon is mystical and is associated with the unknown and the dark, i.e, our Shadow Self. Although our roots speak of living a life in accordance with Moon phases, practices related to it have not seen the light of day for various reasons. Not surprising that the inner self remains a mystery, too, for many! Like the Sun, the Moon is an integral part of the journey of any Yogabhyaasi or Yoga practitioner. If you need a Surya Namaskara that fires you up and prepares you to take on the world, you also need a Chandra Namaskara to quieten and nurture and engage with the silent space of your beautiful Inner Self. This space is vibrant with an energy that once touched, will make you own and speak your truth without fear and with compassion.It will enable you to heal and feel complete. This is the awakening of Shakti that makes you come alive and live a life brimming with strength, compassion and creative possibilities.

Chandra Namaskara depicts the phases of Chandra/Moon. It is practised as a beautiful flow where you move laterally across the mat from a standing position to a deep squat and out again to a standing position- symbolising the movements of the journey into your deep inner space to connect and rise with your Shakti. It embodies receiving, giving and nurturing in the space of complete surrender.

This is what the world needs now to regain balance in consciousness in order to experience and operate from a space of samatvam, equilibrium.

  • Rahi Santhanam & Sheetal Jayaraj
18 Feb 2023
Sanskrit and Mantra Shakti

Understanding the framework of Sanskrit will allow us to tap into Mantra Shakti in more conscious ways that can play a powerful role in revitalising our own Shakti leading to the awakening of Bharata’s Shakti.

  • Anuradha Choudry
18 Feb 2023 – 19 Feb 2023
Dashamahavidya – An Introduction to the Feminine aspects of the Divine Reality

The Dashamahavidyas or 10 Wisdom Goddesses are worshiped during gupt Navratris. These ten great goddesses in the cosmos constitute a complete system of knowledge. Each of these goddesses governs a particular fundamental function and presides over a particular creative principle of existence. Through the explanation of each of the mahavidyas and their relations with the Vedic and Vedantic realisations, the participants will be educated about the importance and relevance of the feminine aspects of the Divine Reality.

  • Dr Sampadananda Mishra & Aarti Panchal
20 Feb 2023
Ayurveda For Divine Feminine

In this workshop we will learn ‘Ayurveda for Divine Feminine’ not through the masculine perspective (logical brain) alone, but also through the feminine perspective (emotional body) as well. We must learn to heal ourselves through self-love and self care. This is foundational.’Ayurveda for Divine Feminine’ professes that there is no such thing as ideal health, that the mind/body complex is never in perfect balance, but always in flux. When we study Shakti, Life Force, we see that she is always shifting and changing. For that reason, she is not reaching for a standard of perfection, but instead concentrating on her own resources of adaptability. The feminine perspective to understand ‘health’ is the ability to adapt to the changing environment and circumstances of life. ‘Ayurveda for Divine Feminine’ is a subtle science with profound impact once understood and practiced.

21 Feb 2023
Working with the 12 Qualities of The Mother Sri Aurobindo, The Gardens of the Matrimandir and Flowers and Their Messages

The Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo that he gave on India’s Day of Independence 15 August 1947 are based in the Manifestation and Energy of the Shakti in the 4 main aspects of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Maheshwari. Sri Aurobindo’s wide global perspective of development towards Human Unity and a next step in evolution, holds Mother India at the center as the guide and teacher.

21 Feb 2023 – 5 Mar 2023
Satsang and Meditation

Pujya Sadhviji is a renowned spiritual leader, author and motivational speaker based in Rishikesh, India. She is the author of the newly released #1 bestselling memoir, Hollywood to the Himalayas: A Journey of Healing and Transformation. Originally from Los Angeles and a PhD graduate of Stanford University, Pujya Sadhviji has been ordained into the sacred order of Sanyas by her guru HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji and has been living at Parmarth Niketan Ashram for the past twenty-five years.

21 Feb 2023 – 5 Mar 2023
Darshan and satsang

H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji’s motto in life is “In the Service of God and humanity”. Selflessly dedicated to the welfare of all, He leads, directs and inspires numerous, wide-scale service initiatives. Pujya Swamiji is the President and Spiritual Leader of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India, one of the largest interfaith spiritual institutions in India. Under His divine inspiration and leadership, Parmarth Niketan has become a sanctuary known across the globe as one filled with grace, beauty, serenity and true divine bliss.

22 Feb 2023 – 24 Feb 2023
The Untold Story of Sita

The Untold Story of Sita will be the starting point for exploring the role of Shakti in the unfolding of the universe. The sessions will delve into key spiritual themes ‘such as the law of cause and effect, the process of rebirth, life between human births, the movement of linear time through the yugas and the transcendence of time, the transcendence of space and the interrelationship between the material and non material realms, and other spiritual themes. The sessions will include readings, discussion and meditation. Jai Sita Raam!

23 Feb 2023 – 25 Feb 2023
Shakti – Yagnya – Shraaddham

This workshop will introduce the group to the concept and process of Transgenerational Healing through conversations and demos. Acknowledging the continuity of life through our ancestors all the way to our presence in the here and now has been and continues to be one of the most ancient traditions of our land. All forms of healing implicitly involve the presence of the divine feminine to call upon the ancestors and hold a space of restoration and regeneration of the human spirit. This process brings to the land and its people healing from the wounds and traumas because of which we have lost connection to this ancient practice of Shraaddham in its true essence.

25 Feb 2023
Shiva, Krishna, and the Buddha: Awakened Masculinity in Indian Religions

For a regenerative renaissance of Mother India, we need to honor and awaken both the feminine and the masculine principles. While the struggle against patriarchal oppression needs to continue, it must be from a space of compassion for all, including the so-called oppressor. This program focuses on awakened masculinity which reflect the images of a seer who wakes up from the creative dream of the Great Mother and learns to dance with Her.

25 Feb 2023 – 28 Feb 2023
Living Shakti-Unleash Your Power & Lead With Grace

Be the Change and Lead with Miraculous Grace of Mother Shakti. Embark on a life transforming journey that will bring out the best in you. Unite as one potent Shakti for global peace and sustainability of Mother Earth as they make a significant difference in themselves, their families, workplaces and business, their local community and internationally.

28 Feb 2023
Raising the Serpents: The Resurrection of the World Soul

Raising the serpents of kundalini within enables us to function as fractals of Mother Gaia, channeling her creative, regenerative energy to transform the world as we know it through inspired action. When the serpents rise, the people will rise as one to fulfill the Whirling Rainbow prophecy – all colours and creeds turning the world back to green.

01 Mar 2023 – 02 Mar 2023
Discovering the Yoginis of Orissa and India

Yoga practitioner-scholars Sowmya Ayyar and Pragya Bhatt present their field research on the lineage of Yoginis of South Asia from esoteric temples in western and eastern Orissa as well as other parts of India. This workshop is inspired from the personal experience of searching for the quiet but powerful yoginis in a world which has to awaken to them once again.
They draw on their experiences, knowledge, cultural background, sound research skills and academic excellence to bring you a workshop which will help you Discover the Yogini even as you discover yourself…
This workshop is interactive and includes reflection-contemplation, art and journaling, and a Q&A/discussion. The goal is to understand our current lives and connection to the Yoginis, Shakti energies, and Divine Mother of India and the Universe.

01 Mar 2023 – 05 Mar 2023
Rasika! Live, Love and Lead as Shakti

You learn how to live, love and lead as Shakti in all domains and roles as a woman. And to bring your Shakti-led purpose in service of building your Nation and saving our Planet. Includes the Dance of the Five Elements.

02 Mar 2023 – 03 Mar 2023
Be the Peace in the Chaos

The Masters teach us that peace is determined by our internal attitude. Each of us is responsible for our internal attitude. When we understand these concepts and we accept that we have control over our thoughts, words and actions, each moment is an opportunity to co-create peace in our little piece of the world. Be the Peace in the Chaos provides simple techniques to journey from fear, anger, insecurity, etc. to discover , live love and lead as Shakti. Each of us has a role to play for peace and harmony in our family, our community and our world.

Session 1: Intention to Transformation: Learn Tara Ma’s signature system to consciously live with compassion, courage, confidence and collaboration for the benefit of self, the other, the family, team, workplace, and community.
Session 2: Ahimsa in Action: We will discuss:

  • What is the essence of Ahimsa?
  • What does it mean to ‘do no harm’ to self, others and Mother Earth?
  • What are some challenges we face to live compassion in our daily life?
  • What are some possible methods to prepare to live ahimsa in each moment?

Ahimsa, an ancient concept of ‘do not harm to self and others’ is applicable in today’s world to benefit Mother Earth and all Her inhabitants. Our thoughts, words and actions have consequences for future generations. As trustees of Mother Earth and Her inhabitants it is our responsibility to ‘Be the Peace in the Chaos’. Only when there is peace within each of us can there be peace and harmony in our world.

03 Mar 2023 – 04 Mar 2023
Shakti Rise

The feminine principle is inherently regenerative. It’s time to reawaken to the ancient paths of Mother India that hold the vibratory connection to our potential to heal. Then it’s possible to activate creative capacity and discover solutions to planetary degradation. We are at the precipice of the Sat Yuga: a time of truth, peace, and equality dawning on the earth. The more we connect to ancient sadhana the faster our evolution will occur. Women have this wisdom deep in their bones and held this power 25,000 years ago. It’s time for this reclamation in all beings and for Shakti to lead the way.