How do I get to the Ashram?

By Air:
Internationally: Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Domestically: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand

By Train: To either Haridwar or Dehra Dun and then taxi to Aurovalley Ashram, Raiwala [between Haridwar and Rishikes]

By Road: To Aurovalley Ashram, Raiwala [between Haridwar and Rishikesh]

Do I need a visa to come to the India?
Most foreigners need a visa to enter India. Please contact the Indian Embassy or Consulate in your home country well in advance to secure your visa to enter India.
What vaccinations do I need to enter India?
Please check with your Travel Health Centre in your home country for any travel health inquiries and advice.
What is available in the rooms at the Ashrams?

The rooms at both Aurovalley and Parmarth Niketan Ashrams have 2 beds, hot water for shower / bath, bath soap, western style toilet with toilet paper, bed linen and towels.  Single rooms and Triple share rooms are available upon request.

Is the water safe to drink at the Ashrams?

Filtered water is available at the Ashram and in the dining room.  You are welcome to bring your own refillable water bottle.  The water in your room is safe for brushing teeth and bath but not for drinking.

What toiletries are available in the Ashram?

Please bring your personal toiletries including shampoo and body lotion. Basic toiletries are available for purchase at Aurovalley Ashram. There are shops just outside Parmarth Niketan Ashram where you can purchase anything you need.

What is the voltage in the electrical outlets?
The voltage is the electrical outlets is 220. If you are bringing any electrical equipment [cell phones, computer, hair dryer, CPAP, etc.] please bring the appropriate electrical adapter and note that the electricity can be spotty at times.
How do I wash my clothes?

Laundry Service:  is available for a fee.  You are responsible for laundering your undergarments. Small packets of dry laundry soap is available to purchase in the shop at Aurovalley Ashram and in the shops just outside Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

Is Internet service available at the Shakti Kumbh?
At this time, Internet service is not available at the Ashrams for visitors.  There are a number of restaurants just outside Parmarth Niketan Ashram which have internet access for their clients.  At Aurovalley Ashram, the market is about 2 kms away. Once you have checked in, to let your family know that you arrived safely, we recommend that you connect with your ‘inner-net’ while at the Shakti Kumbh.
What is the temperature in Rishikesh in February?

Rishkesh is cold in February 5C / 41F – 11C / 52F at nights and 20C / 68F – 25C / 77F during the day.
Please bring warm clothes, sweaters / jackets / shawls, socks / gloves, thermals, etc. for morning and evening activities.

How to be safe with the monkeys?

Keep all doors and windows to your room closed at all times. Do not feed the monkeys. Keep all fruit and food in bags when outside of your room.

Will yoga mats be available at the venue? If not, how and where can we get them? How much will a yoga mat cost?

Yes, they will be available at the venue for a nominal amount (between Rs.600 Rs.750).

Are you following any particular yoga lineage in your teaching?
No, the teachers come from different authentic lineages. They bring their years of experience and lived wisdom into putting together the IYTTC.
Will I have the time to attend all the workshops at the Shakti Kumbh?
There are workshops that are mandatory for IYTTC participants. Integral Yogini TTC students will attend all of mandatory IYTTC sessions.
Participants who are not part of the Integral Yogini TTC can attend all the sessions on the days they registered for.
Do I need to be proficient in Sanskrit in order to attend some of the workshops being offered?

Proficiency in Sanskrit is not mandatory, but it helps if you are familiar with the sounds of Sanskrit.

Is there an evaluation at the end of the Integral Yogin TT Course?
Yes, there is an evaluation at the end of the IYTTC by the core teachers of the IYTTC
Will there be a certification given at the end of the IYTTC?
You will receive a Certificate of Learning which will enable you to lead your own ‘Integral Yogini 1- hour class’ thereafter.
Do I need to do any prior reading for the course?
Not necessary. You will learn as you attend the classes and absorb the workshop offerings.
Do I need to do any preparation before attending the program?
Yes, those of you who have registered and paid for the IYTTC will receive material through email by the end of November, which will help you prepare for the program.
Will we have time to interact with the teachers and fellow students outside of the classes?
Yes, everyday you will have time to interact with the teachers and your fellow participants.
Will we have time to explore the neighborhood?
Each day there will be one hour free time which you may use as you desire. It is recommended that you use this time to reflect on the learnings / teachings of the day. The Shakti Kumbh is an opportunity to explore your inner being to learn, live, love and lead as Shakti in all the roles you play.
Is there a restriction on attending the sessions during my menstrual cycle?
No, but participation in the practice will be specific to the workshop content. This will be communicated to you as and when.
Do I need to attend all the sessions outlined for the IYTTC?
Yes, it will benefit you greatly if you participate in all the mandatory sessions as it is needed for the certification.
What clothes do I need to wear for the practice sessions?
Since it will be winter, it will be advisable to bring warm and comfortable clothing preferably natural fibers. Do carry a shawl to cover yourself when resting in Shavasan.
Will I be receiving stationery or do I need to carry them?
Yes, you will be receiving basic stationery. However, if you are particular about the kind of stationery that you use, please carry them with you.
Will I receive course material at the end of the program?
Yes, you will be receiving some printed course material.
How do I prepare for the Integral Yogini Teacher Training Course?
Upon receipt of your deposit on Nov 30 th , you will be sent a 21-day practice to prepare for your participation in the Integral Yogini TTC.
Will I have access to the teachers and the course material post the program?
Yes, since we are forming the ‘Kula’ we will be available to you for corresponding with us post the program